If you are looking for a viable SMS company in Dubai to support a consistent and long-term SMS marketing strategy, here are a few questions to ask your prospective providers:

What is Your Delivery Rate?

If your SMS fails to reach your intended audience, what would be the benefit of soliciting the services of an SMS service provider? While the chances of delivery are somewhat determined by the accuracy of the buyer’s database, your chosen SMS provider should ensure that your transactional or promotional messages are delivered instantly without delays by partnering with telecom networks. Talk to their sales representatives before signing a contract and inquire into their delivery rates. They should vouch for their claims with an active demo account. Ask them to provide you with a detailed list of unsupported and supported countries.

Which APIs are offered by the SMS Service Provider?

The APIs or the application programming interfaces are a set of protocols and tools that enable communication between two systems. This encourages one system to receive data, send information, and utilize the features of another one. Every bulk SMS service provider worth their salt should incorporate a full set of well-documented and functional APIs. In addition, your chosen provider should promise full support for the APIs and should be capable of integrating them into open source platforms or existing systems. After all, it is even harder to move your organization onto a new CRM system than it is to choose a SMS service provider. It is even important to check if your service provider supports concatenated SMS messages, a process by which long SMS messages are first split into smaller parts and then reunited on the recipient’s phone. If it does, ensure that the code has the proper commands and perimeters.

Will I Be Provided with Analytics?

All content delivery systems should be capable of depicting in-depth analytics, a feature far more necessary than you can imagine. Information, like how many customers replied to the message, how many messages were actually opened, how many failed, when messages are sent, or how many are sent but never opened, is crucial for the success of your SMS marketing campaign. These indispensable metrics are an integral part of a bulk messaging system. This information lets you garner a sneak-peak into how your campaign is perceived, allowing you to tailor your content accordingly. For instance, if you notice that a particular announcement or offer did better with your market, you can plan more content along the same lines. Read more to know how you can utilize these analytics for your benefit.