A credible and safe dog kennel or a dog boarder is a blessing. Most kennel facilities employ expert professionals who know how to take care of Fido in your absence, before the separation anxiety kicks in. On the other hand, often home boarding is the best choice for your beloved pooches because your dog might not do well in a changing environment. Most pets are happier at homes. Professional home dog boarders baby sit your dogs at your home in your absence. Here’s how home boarding benefits your dog:

Your Dog Is Most Comfortable at Home

Most kennels and dog boarding facilities use cages to accommodate dogs. This situation may not sit well with most dogs, especially the ones that are not used to confinement. Cages induce unwanted anxiety in some pets since they can be associated with stressful situations. Not only do dog boarders take care of your dogs at your home, they also keep up with your pooch’s regular routine, such as daily exercise requirements, grooming necessities, bathroom breaks, and eating schedules, so your dog feels comfortable in your absence and experiences less bouts of separation anxiety.

A Pet Lover Provides the Best Care for Your Dog

Most dog boarders worth their salt have had plenty of experience dealing with dogs of all temperaments, breeds, sizes, and shapes. They love animals and get to know your dog as best as they can to ensure that they offer the best customized care for little Fido.

They let you Stay Abreast of Your Pet’s Doings

Because dog boarding facilities and kennels house a plethora of dogs at a time, they often find it challenging to provide frequent reports to such sheer volumes of owners. On the other hand, since home dog boarders watch your pet at your home, your pet receives individualized care. Not to mention, these professionals communicate directly with the owners and are always equipped for any pet related emergencies. Owners will receive frequent updates of their dogs, and will be notified immediately in events of an emergency.

Your Dog Gets More Exercise

Most kennels charge you an additional fee for exercising your pet. On the other hand, home dog boarders make sure that your pooch receives ample exercise in a day, including a walking session. It can be substituted by playtime in the yard. This helps make sure that your pooch stays in best shape for when you return.

Home Boarding is Cheaper

While home dog boarding may seem a bit more expensive than kennel services at a glance, remember that kennels are associated with a lot of hidden costs for even simple services, such as doggy daycare perks or exercise sessions. On the other hand, home dog boarding is a win-win situation for both the owners and the pets. Go to websites of home boarding providers to learn about what they do.