A business offering a product or service usually encounter quality issues which can lead to dissatisfaction of customers. However, most of these concerns are not addressed since there is no proper audit that has been done to assess the quality situation. Moreover, some business owners and company managers are not aware of this procedure.

A quality audit can be the key to improve customer satisfaction and here’s why:

  • Evaluate your product and service

One of the main reasons why you need to undergo quality is to assess your product or service. Remember that this is what you are offering to your target audience. It is what you are selling to people and what defines your business. It is a must that the quality of these product or services are topnotch and exceed expectations as possible.


But oftentimes, business owners and managers cannot identify the level of quality of their products due to biases and other factors. Undergoing quality check and audit can help determine gaps in products and services and reports how to improve their products and satisfy customers.


  • Determine if team leadership is fit

Quality audit is not just about the products, but also about the people who are working to behind service and product delivery, especially the leadership behind it. QMS lead auditor training identifies how a leader or a manager is handling a team and also handling customer concerns. Part of this audit is to identify customer feedback solicitation process and determine if the company or organization is reaching out to loyal customers to get their insights about the product. Leaders are usually the ones who are in charge of this task. This could provide improvement of the service

  • Evaluate how a product or service is formed or made

Apart from leadership and product assessment, part of quality audit is to determine whether the process of creating the product or the service. This can be the technical part of the audit as the team would delve on the procedure of manufacturing the product and delivering the service.  There might be procedures that can be updated to improve the company’s offerings.


The safety of the workers can also be a part of the audit as the auditors will determine if the company is implementing safety procedures in accordance to the standard occupational health and safety training.


  • Evaluate how concerns are handled and solved

Customer concerns are common to organizations, but the way it is handled is another story. There are instances that feedback and complaints are not being addressed due to different factors. What a QMS audit can do is determine how these issues are addressed to pacify irate customers.