It doesn’t matter if you wish to call unhealthy food junk food or fast food, as long as it is low in important nutrients and high in sugar and sodium which makes children hyper active it is harmful. Not only adults but even children are inclined and addicted to fast food because of its good taste and minimum preparation as compared to healthy food Dubai. When you get your children chicken nuggets on way back home from school with a can of Pepsi thinking that it is only one time you are teaching them an easier way out. The next thing you know, they could be asking you every time for it even when you could get healthy breakfast delivery Abu Dhabi

Here’s how it is affecting children:

  • Low performance in School

If your family is dining out or ordering junk food more than needed in a week, you need to be alert. Junk food not only affects the body physically but also attacks the mind and it can lower the performance of your child in school. Children will have a difficult time solving math problems and reading skills could be in danger as well. If your child is in developing years, you need to be extra careful as this could stick with them for the lifetime.

  • Constipation

Higher intake of junk food means fewer intakes of nutrient rich foods which include milk, fruits and vegetables that contain fiber and useful minerals. Junk food is usually packed with sugar, fat and sodium which combines together to form constipation because the amount of minerals in body is imbalanced.

  • Less involvement in extracurricular activities

Now that we know junk food can affect brain and academic learning of children it is very obvious that it can also pose an impact on physical wellness of a child. When the child is not getting the right kind of nutrients to function properly but instead getting full with the harmful ones the outcome would be in obesity. Children will no longer be able to find the energy in themselves to participate in extracurricular activities and thus their physical health will also incline.

Please take care of your loved ones with healthier lifestyle choices. It will be hard but you will get used to it instead of taking the easier way out that will harm all.