During the summers, your lawn is probably one of the places in your residence that is seriously affected by the hot climate. But if you are living in place where it is hot and humid all year round, taking care of your lawn might be difficult than usual.

But do not fret, here are some lawn care tips you can implement if you are living in dry weather locations.

  • Design your lawn for the hot climate

The first thing that you need to take into account is the design of your landscape. If you are living in a location where it is summer all year round, you need to design your lawn to withstand the hot climate. This would mean you need to get plants and landscaping elements that can stand the heat at all times. You may need to consult a company that specializes in landscape design in Dubai. These professionals can provide an appropriate lawn and landscape design that is ideal for a hot and humid climate.


  • Opt for artificial lawn or grass

If you are not that keen on maintaining a natural grass for your lawn, you can still achieve the green and refreshing vibe by opting for the artificial grass. The artificial grass today that is available in the market is designed to provide the aesthetic look that a natural grass can provide. This is a modern and alternative options for homeowners who want to have a perfect lawn with less maintenance needed.


  • Limit your lawn size

In some locations where water is scarce, authorities limit homeowner’s capacity to own a lawn. This is to conserve water. If there are restrictions in your location with regards to the size of the lawn, it would be best to follow it. Not only it will get you out of trouble from the authorities, you can also minimize the lawn space that you need to maintain.


  • Watering during the day

If you are sticking with natural grass to use for your lawn, the best thing to do to conserve water is to water your lawn during the day. This would prevent the water from evaporating quickly and the grass and the plants would be able to absorb the water quickly. If there is a scarcity in water, you can also use the used water from your bathroom and kitchen to water the plants and the grass.


  • Minimize your fertilizer

People think that using more fertilizer during summer season will keep your plants nurtured. But in reality, it can dry your entire lawn as the chemicals will burn the plants. Used minimal fertilizers or you can opt for the organic ones.

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