There are many benefits of disc harrows that we commonly know of, but sometime the extra usage of this can be harmful for your land and soil. Farmer should consider it no doubt but they should get some ideas when they are changing the system. No doubt that it saves the time and saves fuel and fulfill the labor requirements and enhance the productivity, but it has some disadvantages. Increasing usage of disc harrow could damage the soil of your land. On top of it, the utilization of a disc ridger could hurt the cultivation of the land. That is why some farmer do not prefer the disc harrow because of this lacking but some farmers love to use this technology but they use it with better manner. The good usage of this technology would definitely increase the quality of the soil and make it fertile for the crops. Let’s see some disadvantages of the usage of the disc ridger.

Soil erosion:

Major disadvantage of this technology is that it becomes the reason of the erosion of the soil and damage the soil which is not suitable for your land that is why most farmers hesitate to use this technology.

Natural moisture loss of soil:

It also affects the soil moisture which could not be good for your crops. It will affect the productivity of your land. If there is no moisture in the soil so it would help the crops to grow.

Fuel expenses:

With the usage of disc harrow your fuel expenses gets so high and sometime its become too costly which mean that poor farmers can not use this technology because how they will bear the expenses. And tractors need much fuel to work in the farm.

Labor cost.

To work in the farm you need to have a labor and this technology increase the labor cost because to drive the tractor you need a professional person who understand the technology and knows that how to work in the land. And you have to pay high salary to the driver which means that it will increase your labor cost. Which sometime you cannot bear.

So these are the some disadvantages of the disc harrow you should read this article before buying the disc harrows. It could be harmful for some farmers but not for all. To get more knowledge about the farming technology you can visit our website.