It takes years upon years for a person to master the art of food photography. Yes, it may seem to be just good places over plates and served in a decorative manner. But the fact is that there is a lot more involved in it than that. Actually, the amount of effort that goes into a food photo shoot is quite the opposite of what people believe. Not only does it take a lot of time, it calls for planning and an extremely creative outlook. It is for this reason that food photographers never work by themselves and have an entire team dedicated to the work. if anything, their team will include a restaurant food photographer in Dubai, a props assistant, a food stylist and a creative director too.

Given below are a few tricks and techniques that just about every single food photographer out there uses to capture those delicious, tantalizing images.

Lighting techniques
These days, it is rather normal for food photographers to use natural light. This has particularly been the case since organic foods gained popularity amongst the masses. Instead of using artificial light, they prefer placing the food by the window or in the outdoors. However, if it is necessary for studio lighting to be used, they refrain from using the camera flash as it gives the food a bit of a washed out look. For a better look and feel, professional food photographers instead opt for studio strobe lighting.

Styling tricks
It is necessary for the food to be arranged in such a manner that it looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. This is where the food stylist comes in. The fact is that food stylists have a very good understanding of food, the reactions that food has under different circumstances and the ways its colors should be contrasted to make it look more appealing. For example, everyone would agree that a simple plate with mashed potatoes on it would not really look too appealing. However, when it is contrasted with some steaming rich gravy, fresh green peas, bright yellow corn and things like that, then the entire image is surely to get people to drool. Use this link for more information on styling the food for photography purposes.


While you are at it, you should remember that props also play a significant role in food photography. However, they should be used in a subdued manner so that they do not overwhelm the crowd when they see the picture, or overrule the beauty of the food being photographed.