Amongst the different parts of your body where skin cancer can occur, one where it commonly occurs is that of the nose. Considering that the nose is frequently exposed to the rays of the sun, it is the part of your body that experiences what you can consider as being the ‘bulk’ of the ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere. It is for this reason that skin cancer typically tends to occur over the nose. The reason why it is such a major issue is not just because it would impact your overall health, but for the simple reason that the nose holds a rather prominent position on the face, and the occurrence of cancer makes it fairly unsightly as you would be dealing with sores that come with cancer.

Now, just like any other form of cancer, it is necessary for you to get your nose skin cancer treated as soon as a possible. Remember, the key to your treatment and well-being lies in early detection. If you let it remain untreated, it would impact your entire face and treatment would be significantly harder.

Considerations when it comes to treating skin cancer involving the nose
When it comes to nose skin cancer, it is highly recommended for you to seek surgery as soon as possible for the simple reason that it is best for you to have the cancer removed before it starts increasing in size. Remember, the larger it becomes, the more prominent it would be, and its treatment would also be a whole lot harder. For this reason, if you are noticing any symptoms of nose skin cancer, it is necessary for you to go see the doctor as soon as possible.

As for the treatment of nose skin cancer, it is most commonly treated by blasting liquid nitrogen onto it. Other treatment forms additionally include cutting through the cancer with the help of a hot knife. However, if the cancer is substantially sized, or if there is malignant melanoma, then it would be necessary for you to go through surgery. But rest-assured that even surgery has become relatively easy and quick thanks to modern technology. The one thing that your doctor would like to do is focus on the utilization of the least invasive method for treatment so that re-emergence can be averted.

Other considerations involved in nose skin cancer
In terms of treatment, skin lesions are made over the nose at appropriate margins in order to make sure that reoccurrence will not come up. Reoccurrence of nose skin cancer would distort the nose as well as the eyelids and other adjacent areas. In order to fill the gap, there are a number of local flaps that can be utilized wherein skin can be transferred. In case a substantial defect is formed, it is vital for the doctor to reconstruct the cartilaginous as well as bony framework of the nose along with the internal mucosal lining.