Have you ever been out on a real deep sea fishing excursion before? If not, your only reference may be TV shows such as Shark Men or Deadliest Catch. In reality, part of the exhilaration of the trip is not knowing what may be there at the other end of the line while you wait out in anticipation. If this is your first time on a deep sea fishing charter, here’s what you should know:

Getting On the Boat

As soon as you hop onto your rented vessel, find a viable and secure place to stow away your gear. Try to put as few things on deck as possible since your belongings might get in the way of other anglers and the crew members and the deck might also get wet. After your belongings are secured away, sign in on the ship’s manifest, meet the crew, and introduce yourself. You will be asked if you want to purchase a bag for your catches and you’ll be given your bag number which you should remember. While you are catching fishes, a deckhand will get your catches off the hook and store them in your assigned bag. While deep sea fishing Dubai prices may be on the higher end, the experience is sure unparalleled.

When the Boat Gets Underway

Once the boat takes off, the captain will speak to all passengers in person or through the intercom. It’s important to pay attention to what the captain has to say and any instructions he might provide. The captain will tell you how to rig up, what to expect for the day, and where you can find the safety equipment. If you miss something, be sure to ask a crew member to repeat. The boat ride would take around an hour to reach your fishing destination. During the voyage, deckhands will lay out the rental gear and explain how to use the various paraphernalia. Also find out any norms or rules customary on the particular boat, and act accordingly. The key is to listen well so that you don’t break any rules.

Getting to the Fishing Ground

Once you reach your fishing grounds, find a vacant spot on the rail and wait out the captain’s command to drop the lines, since you might inadvertently throw your lines off the boat when it is still settling on the spot, causing your lines to get tangled up. When it comes to hooking the bait, not all baits are the same. If you are using live fish, it shouldn’t be taken out of the hand well until you have received the green light for fishing, while a squid can be hooked on earlier. Read more to know all about fishing in the deep seas.