When you are trying to set up your business in a certain jurisdiction, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill and heed. Doing it on your own might be effective at some point, but in the long run, you need a PRO service provider that will not just process your Dubai LLC licence fees, but also unburden you with some of the task.

If you are looking forward to subscribing to business setup services in Dubai, here are some tasks that you can outsource to them:

  • Business registration and renewal

This service is important, especially if you are starting your business and applying for licenses. Bear in mind that this step can take time, especially if you don’t know a thing about the application process. You need the help of a consulting company that will guide you on the process of business registration. Usually, these consulting companies will be the ones to collate the documents, process the papers, and follow up the status of your application. You can also tap these companies for registration and license renewals.

  • Visa processing

There will be instances where you have to process visas of certain people, such as your employees and family members who will migrate in your current location. To get this task off your shoulders, it would be best to get a PRO service provider who will take care of the visa processing for you. You will need this if you are constantly hiring people overseas.

  • Translation services

Document translation is a complicated task. Some business owners think that relying to Google Translate will do. However, this practice is prone to errors that can lead to misinterpretation of the manuscript. Getting professional translators will help you translate you translate documents accurately. There are number of PRO service companies that offer different kinds of translation services – from legal translation to technical translation.

  • Document attestation

There will be instances that you need to have some of your documents attested or authenticated for legal purposes. Although this is a basic procedure, it can also take some time. It would be best if you can have this done by an outsourced professional.

  • Administrative tasks

There are a number of administrative tasks that you can outsource to lighten your workload – from typing jobs to documents processing. If you don’t have an admin personnel, outsourcing would be the ideal option.