No doubt that it is so much beneficial to have hair transplant, you look better and beautiful, you can get rid of hair loss, proper growth of hairs, but we can not forget that it is surgical process and definitely its cure, where it has some benefits it has also side effects. You have to face so many problems after getting hair transplant. Before having hair transplant your consultant will tell you the both benefits and side effects of hair transplant. You can face some issues on donor area. There could be pain, infection, itching or can face bleeding. But, it’s part of this process. It can take some time but after some time it gets finished. Hair salon in Dubai marina would tell you about these effects. Even normal beauty salon can also inform you about the disadvantages of hair transplant. Patients who have the transplantation could have 60% growth within 6 to 9 month. Let’s have a look of the side effects of the hair transplantation.

Bleeding problem:

Well the main side effect of hair transplantation is bleeding. But its not a big deal it can be stopped after some time but if its not get stop you should consult the specialist doctor.

Infection problem:

One more side effect of having transplantation is infection. Most of the patient has to face this infection situation. But you can avoid this problem with using some good antibiotics.

Thinning problem

It is very common side effect of a hair transplant. Planted hair falls for some time but you don’t need to worry hair start to grow back and hair will grow permanently in couple of moths.

Itching problem

This side effect is also very common that you feel itching after getting hair transplant and normally it happens with all patients. Because doctors have to use some chemical for the transplantation and it gets irritate you after. But this could be fine after shampooing your hairs. But you will have to use shampoo continuously. Even you can use moisturizing oils and it will help you to get rid of itching.

Hiccups problem.

This is also very common side effect patients have to face hiccups problem. Almost 5 out of 100 patients are facing this problem. But it takes not much time to treat.


Well pain has to face almost every patient because it is surgery and definitely the donor area will pain after the transplantation. Visit for more information.